Sunvision Tanning Bed Bulb Replacement Instructions

By Tara Kimball

Your Sunvision Tanning Bed uses certified tanning lamps. You should replace the bulbs after 800 to 1,000 tanning hours. Tanning bulbs are effective after 1,000 hours, but the quality declines, requiring more time for the same benefits. Purchase tanning bulbs from a certified retailer. Each model of Sunvision tanning bed has specific bulb requirements. Confirm the proper bulb type from your owner's manual.

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Step 1

Lift up the inside edge of the folding trim securing the shields in place on the top and bottom of the bed. Raise the trim on each side of the bed to expose the shields. Grasp the shield by the long side and pull it straight out of the bed. Set the shields aside in a safe place.

Step 2

Remove the lamps one at a time. Grasp the center and one end of the lamp, and turn it 1/4 turn. Pull it out of the holder. Repeat the process to remove all of the tanning bed lamps.

Step 3

Install the new lamps by lining up the pins on the lamps with the slots on the mounting area. Turn the lamp 1/4 turn to secure it. Repeat the process to replace all of the lamps.

Step 4

Hold the face-tanner cover while you remove the two screws on the inside corners with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the screws aside somewhere safe.

Step 5

Drop the face-tanner cover open on the hinges of the opposite side. Pull the face-tanner bulbs straight out of the mounting area. Push in the new bulbs, lining them up carefully.

Step 6

Replace the face-tanner cover and tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Replace the shields, sliding them all the way into position. Push the folding trim into place to secure the trim.