How can I make my hair grow faster? It's a common problem. When you want long hair, you can't just pop into the salon and pop out with long hair. To grow longer hair, whether to recover from a bad haircut or to wear in a longer hairstyle, it takes patience. There are a few other things you can do, too.

  • Vitamins
  • Natural bristled brush
  • Wide toothed comb or pick

Trim your hair regularly. Hair grows from the scalp, but as the ends get older and damaged, they can split and break. Split ends can break as fast as your hair is growing, which makes it feel like the growth has stopped. As soon as you notice that your ends need a trim, snip off just as much as is necessary to make them smooth again.

Limit your use of styling products, like hair sprays, gels, and mousses. These chemical products require more frequent shampooing. In addition to altering the surface chemistry of you hair strands, the more frequent shampooing can have a negative affect upon your scalp's health. Use styling products sparingly and shampoo only as often as is necessary to keep your hair looking nice.

Brush with a natural bristled brush. A natural bristled brush carries the oil from your scalp down through the rest of your hair. Additionally, a natural bristled brush offers a scalp massage that increases the blood flow to your scalp. Increased circulation means more oxygen for every follicle, which can also help hair grow faster.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet or take a multivitamin. Poor nutrition can make it difficult for your hair to grow. According to your body, hair growth is not a life sustaining activity, it's a bonus. When nutritive resources are low, more attention is given to the parts of the body that keep you alive, rather than to the hair and nails. A strong and healthy body has hair that grows around 6 inches per year.

Stay warm. Hair tends to grow faster in the summer rather than in the winter. No one knows why, but wearing a beanie, planning a Hawaiian vacation or otherwise staying out of the cold might be a good plan.

Avoid heat styling products, they can "cook" your hair, causing the cuticle layer on the outside of each strand to become shredded and split, called split ends, which can result in breakage

Use a pick or other wide toothed comb when your hair is wet, never a brush. Wet hair is fragile and all de-tangling should be done while your hair is dry, not wet. To prevent tangles, wear braids or a bun. Style hair when dry, so that the hair isn't damaged from being stretched and pulled while wet. Wet hair can be pulled longer than dry hair and as it dries, it tends to "shrink up." Breakage can occur when hair is stretched while wet into a style and then left to sit while it shrinks up to dry.

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