How to Grow Longer Stronger Hair with Keratin

By eHow Contributor

Keratin is a natural protein substance found in hair and nails. Stress to the hair through chemical processing and heat can break down keratin and weaken hair. New innovations in hair care have found that keratin-rich products can help grow hair longer and stronger.

Enrich your hair with keratin.

Step 1

Use keratin-rich shampoo as a part of your haircare regimen to help strengthen hair. Strong hair means longer hair since strong hair is more resistant to breakage and split ends. For the best results, choose a keratin shampoo that targets the hair shaft for stronger hair.

Step 2

Straighten hair with keratin therapy. Straightening hair with keratin therapy has become a popular solution for many people who have damaged hair due to chemical straightening. Many people who use a keratin treatment to straighten their hair find that it's in better condition after the treatment than before.

Step 3

Deep condition once or twice a week with a keratin conditioner to strengthen hair over time. Deep conditioning helps repair damage that's a result of curling, straightening, environmental damage and even brushing.

Step 4

Try keratin oils to stop frizz and get longer, stronger hair. After shampooing, apply a keratin-rich oil to keep hair from frizzing on even the most humid days. Be sure to finish your keratin haircare regimen by using keratin-based hairstyling products, from hairspray to mousse.