"New Growth" is the natural hair that grows from your scalp weeks after you've relaxed or permed your hair. Hair is fragile at this point since there are 2 different types of hair on your head, natural and chemically processed. Here are simple ways to manage new growth and maintain healthy hair.

The point where the two textures of hair meet is known as the "line of demarcation" which is the is the weakest point of the hair. Be sure not to tug or pull the hair too tightly because its more prone to breaking or snapping.

Conditioning the hair is always critical when hair is processed but it becomes even more important when you have new growth. Alternate between a Moisturizing and Protein based conditioner 1-2xs weekly to retain soft and strong hair.

Co-wash hair 1-2xs per week. Co-washing is using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash hair which will keep the hair and new growth soft. Also moisturize hair with a good product and seal with natural oil like Jojoba, Coconut, or Olive oil nightly.

The right styling is important when you have new growth. In order to camouflage the two textures, wear styles that require very little or no daily grooming like braid-outs, cornrows, stylish wigs, loose braids, straw-sets, flexirods, loose buns, or twist-outs. Steer clear of heat, anything that contributes to drying out the hair is not recommended.

Lastly, keep in mind that you don't have to relax/re-process your hair at the first sight of new growth. New Growth is GOOD! Though you have to be more gentle when it is present, allowing your natural hair to grow-in longer than 9 weeks will contribute to thicker, healthier hair. It will also lessen the chances of double processing hair which leads to damage.