Southern Belle Beauty Tips

By Andrea Palmer

When it comes to beauty, Southern belles may be considered masters of glamour and style. In the South, the standards of attractiveness tend to be high for women, as they have an old-fashioned approach to beauty. Make-up and hair issues can be a woman's biggest concerns when trying to attract men. For Southern women, beauty is not just for capturing the hearts of men but also to feel and look good. You can master some Southern beauty tips on your own.

Dressing Up Your Eyelashes

A set of pretty lashes is a Southern belle's best friend. By pumping up the volume and length of your lashes with mascara you achieve a feminine look. Look for lengthening mascara that will give your eyelashes dramatic length. Long eyelashes are ideal for flirting, and charming Southern gentlemen. For those who don't have naturally thick eyelashes, false ones are available.

Add Red To Your Lips

Looking sexy is all about the colors with beauty. Bold, red lips are attention grabbing and are deemed very glamorous. If lipstick feels too daring, seek out a red hued lip gloss to soften the look. The red lip should be paired with dark eyes and everything else (hair, dress, accessories) should be simplified.

Master The Southern Bronze Look

Making your body appear vibrant and glowing is a great indicator of health and beauty. Southern girls are fortunate enough to get their glow from the golden Southern sun. Northerners can recreate this glow by dusting fine shimmer powder onto areas where the sun would touch them. Dusting the shoulders, cheekbones and chest area are great ways to play up a southern bronze.