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Pine nut oil is a vegetable oil which is pressed from the edible seeds of roughly 20 species of pine trees mainly grown in Europe and parts of Asia. It can be used for medicinal, weight loss and culinary purposes. It has been used most commonly in Russia, France and China, but it is becoming popular in the United States.


Pine nut oil is available in liquid or pill form and is an approved medicine in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. Pine nut oil is rich in antioxidants, which are good for blood, organs, hair and skin. It also contains proteins, iodine, amino acids, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorous.

Pine nut oil is most commonly used as a remedy for digestive disorders. In a clinical study performed by the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneotherapy and Physiotherapy, a teaspoon three times a day aided gastritis, peptic ulcers and dyspeptic disorder—which causes symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, regurgitation and vomiting. Read more about the clinical study of pine nut oil at

Pine nut oil has also been used as a remedy for respiratory disorders, burns and other skin problems.

Pine nut oil can be used as a protein supplement.

Many users have observed that consuming a few teaspoons on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before a meal will lessen your appetite. Pine nut oil contains pinolenic acid—a compound unique to pines—which helps control hunger. It boosts appetite-suppressing hormones called cholecystokinin for up to four hours.


Pine nut oil should not be used for cooking, but it can be used sparingly to add flavor in soups, spreads, pesto and sauces.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of pine nut oil. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed when using pine nut oil.

If you are consuming pine nut oil, dilute it with water. Consuming concentrated pine nut oil can be irritating to the skin.

Many people have nut-related allergies, so be mindful of your own reaction when ingesting it. Consult a doctor if you have an adverse reaction.

Pine nut oil is available in health food stores and online. Make sure when purchasing it that you choose a reputable brand.

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