background of the peanuts with the shell not peeled

Peanuts are a tasty, nutritious snack---although they are high in fat, they're also packed with protein. "Raw" peanuts are defined as peanuts that have not been cooked or roasted; they differ from "green" peanuts, which are straight from the ground. Because peanuts have a high fat content, they will not technically freeze; however, keeping raw peanuts in the freezer is a safe way to store them long term.

Shell the peanuts, if needed. Peanuts should be frozen shelled, according to Bertie County Peanuts, in Windsor, N.C.

Transfer the peanuts to freezer-safe bags. Fill the bags three-fourths full, then close the bags. Remove as much excess air from the bags as possible.

Freeze the peanuts. Frozen, raw peanuts will last indefinitely.


  • Freezer bags with sliding locks are more secure than "press" seal bags.

  • When you are ready to roast the peanuts, remove them from the freezer a few hours beforehand. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and place the peanuts on a standard baking sheet. Season them, if desired, and roast the peanuts for approximately 30 minutes.