Salt. Coarse grained sea salt on granite background

A lot of the foods we eat today contain artificial additives and chemicals. Many are stripped of their natural nutrients. We consume foods that are highly refined and processed, and that contain saturated fats. These can contribute to weight gain and poor health. A "cleanse" is a process to help rid the body of accumulated toxins and compacted waste material in the colon.

Benefits of a Sea Salt Cleanse

The colon is the tube through which waste is excreted from the body. Toxins and poisons, however, can form a substance that adheres to colon walls. This condition can cause constipation and fatigue. Energy is needed to exercise and help maintain or reduce weight. A "sea salt cleanse" removes many toxins and poisons from the body, replenishes the body with valuable minerals that may be lacking in the foods that are eaten, and reduces weight. Drinking a sea salt solution acts as a natural laxative, which will clean out the colon. Weight loss is achieved by the removal of built-up material and toxins in the digestive system, and by restoring vitality and health, which makes a person feel more energetic and able to exercise. It has also been reported that a sea salt cleanse relieves joint and muscle pain. This type of pain would also prevent a person from being able to exercise to maintain or lose weight.

How to Perform a Sea Salt Cleanse

The whole digestive system can be cleansed by combining two level teaspoons of sea salt with a quart of warm water. Drink this solution the first thing in the morning, while your stomach is empty. Optionally, you may squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into the drink to make it more palatable. Expect an emptying of the bowels within a few hours of drinking the sea salt cleanse. Repeat this flush by drinking the solution every morning for one week. When preparing a sea salt solution for cleansing purposes, use unrefined sea salt. This form of sea salt retains vital minerals that are responsible for the cleansing action. Table salt and refined sea salt are processed and bleached. Essential minerals needed to perform the cleansing process are removed from these products.

An Alternative Sea Salt Cleanse

Warm salt water and sea salt can be dissolved and given as an enema. This procedure directly reaches the colon. However, it does not address the entire digestive system. Still, weight loss will occur, as compacted materials in the colon are excreted.

Other Benefits

In addition to weight loss and detoxifying the digestive system, a sea salt cleanse has been reported to relieve fatigue, irritability, and irritable bowel syndrome. It may also reduce body odor, improve skin quality, and even lower blood pressure. No one knows exactly how a sea salt cleanse works, but it's been used since ancient times.


If you are on a low-sodium diet or taking prescription medications, or if you're suffering from cancer, digestive track problems, or ulcers, consult with your doctor before trying a sea salt cleanse.