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Arsenic is considered to be a heavy metal. Arsenic is found in many frequently used items, such as household paints, some pesticides and has been found in water supplies throughout the world. Exposure to arsenic can effect the human body and bring about a wide variety of health-related problems.

How to Detox Arsenic From the Body

Eat sulfur rich foods such as eggs, garlic, onions, poultry and eggs, fish, beans and legumes. Sulfur protects cells from the effects of toxins and it assists in the formation of bile. Your health care provider can guide you with how much sulfur to add to your diet since amounts required will vary according to your level of toxin(s).


Eat fiber rich foods (25 -35mgs of fiber daily is ideal). Fiber aids in detoxification since toxins will adhere to fiber and be eliminated as waste. Vegetables and fruits provide ample sources of fiber.

Try chelating medicines. Chelation therapy helps to remove arsenic from the body by grabbing the toxin and removing it as waste. Chelating medicines should contain alfalfa, garlic, fiber, turin and selenium and DMSA. Dosage depends on individual products, so read the label for proper dosage recommendations.

Take the supplement Alpha lipoic acid, which helps boost the immune system which can aid in the overall process of detoxification. Although there is no RDA for alpha lipoic acid, 50mg twice daily has shown to help improve immune functions.

Go to your health food store and buy a Liptropic formula. (Lipotropic forumlas improve liver function). The formula should have choline, methionine and glutathione. Dosage depends on individual products, so read the label for proper dosage recommendations.


  • When doing a heavy metal detox, it's advisable to be under the advice of a health care practitioner, since they can best assist you in proper dosages and guidelines. Drink more water during a detox, 6-8 glasses a day