Moles are clusters of pigmented skin cells that can appear anywhere on the body or face. The dark color of moles comes from melanin that is clustered and not evenly distributed through cells. Moles are different from birthmarks in that they do not sit flat on the skin surface. The surface of moles varies--it can be smooth or wrinkled, flat or raised. Moles can be safely removed using home treatments, but it is recommended to have skin examined by a dermatologist to be sure they aren't cancerous.

Removing Moles

Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent is a popular product used for home remedies and skin care. Hydrogen peroxide can help remove skin moles by causing them to fall off.

Dip a cotton ball or a Q-tip into hydrogen peroxide and rub it gently on your mole. Start by testing out a single mole if you have many that you eventually wish to treat. Hydrogen peroxide can cause mild burning on sensitive skin, and testing a small patch of skin helps to determine any side effects. If no adverse reaction is noticed after 24 hours, you can treat the rest of your skin by dabbing a cotton ball into hydrogen peroxide and applying it to your moles.

Hydrogen peroxide 3 percent can be diluted with equal parts of water if your skin is sensitive.

Repeating the application of hydrogen peroxide might be necessary for up to a week in order for a mole to disappear. Always use hydrogen peroxide 3 percent, and not a higher concentration. The product can be purchased at any drugstore.

Precautions and Warnings

Skin moles are mostly noncancerous, but some can have negative changes that require a dermatologist visit. A dermatologist should examine your moles if any changes in color, size or shape are noted. Moles that could potentially be harmful itch, burn, ooze or have a bloody discharge. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or other remedies to remove moles if any of these changes have occurred.

It is recommended that you use hydrogen peroxide to clean the skin area if a dermatologist removes a mole for you. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties and can keep the skin clear from potential infections.