If you aren’t born with naturally long lashes, you can grow them. Instead of experimenting with mascaras and struggling with false lashes, try serums and natural remedies that promote the growth of longer lashes.

Latisse — originally Lumigan, a glaucoma eye-drop medication — is an FDA approved drug used to promote the growth of eyelashes. To apply Latisse, you use an eye dropper to plop the substance onto your lash line every night before bed. Consistent application every night may result in longer lashes within a month.

Several eyelash growth serums on the market promote eyelash growth.

You can also use natural products to grow your lashes. Olive oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that help promote hair growth.

First, put some olive oil in a spoon. Soak a cotton swab in the olive oil. Then, using the cotton swab, apply the oil to the base of your lash line where the eyelash meets your eyelid. Do this every night for two to three months. The ingredients in olive oil should make your eyelashes fuller and longer.

Products rich in petroleum jelly can help moisturize your lashes, making them appear longer.

To apply a petroleum jelly product such as Vaseline to your lashes, take a cotton swab and swipe some Vaseline onto the swab. Then, using the cotton swab, rub the Vaseline onto a lash brush. Brush your lashes with the lash brush to get the Vaseline onto your lashes. You may see longer lashes within five weeks.