Places That Buy Used Dresses

By LeafTV Editor

We all clean out our closets once in a while and usually end up donating unwanted clothes to the needy, but sometimes certain items are just too valuable. Instead of giving dresses and other clothes away for free, several places are willing to give you some cash or credit for your worthy clothing.

Cleaning out your closet can be a money-making chore.

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Secondhand Stores

With locations all over the United States, secondhand stores like Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange buy "gently used" clothing and accessories. They either pay you a fraction of the original price or give you store credit. The catch, however, is that they don't accept just any old thing. So if you're trying to unload dresses you bought years ago or that are no longer in style or demand, these are not the places to go.

Vintage Stores

If the dresses you're trying to get rid of have designer labels and are over 20 years old, vintage stores are more than happy to reimburse you for them. Vintage clothing has become very popular, so the dress you think would never sell today might be in demand by someone out there. Even if your garments are less than 20 years old, you have nothing to lose by visiting a vintage store in your area.

Consignment Shops/Websites

Consignment shops do the work for you by taking your clothes and selling them, but you don't get paid until someone purchases your items. If you can't find a consignment shop near you, websites such as Recycle Your Fashions provide the service, but they only accept certain brands. You can also sell your items to them right away, but consignment is for clothes you consider more valuable. If you're able to wait, it is worthwhile.

Auction Websites

If all else fails, or you want to name your own price, sell your dresses on auction sites such as eBay. They don't have restrictions on the age of your garments or the brand. You usually have to pay a small fee for selling an item, but it is very minimal compared to the profit you could make. It's not guaranteed that you'll sell your clothes on the first try, but you can auction again.