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It is an awful feeling when you are searching online or in a catalog and discover that a specific article of clothing you love has been discontinued. Discontinued does not mean that it is impossible to get; it just means you have to do a bit more searching. Do not stress; there is still a chance you can get your hands on the item you are looking for.

Learn the name of the manufacturer and call or email them via the contact or customer service page on their website. They may be able to tell you exactly how you can purchase it. The sooner you call the manufacturer after finding out the item has been discontinued, the better your chances are of getting your item.

Search through online auction sites. You may be able to find your item, new or pre-owned. If the seller finds out the item has been discontinued, the price may be higher than the original you would have paid. The more information you can put in while searching, such as the designer or color, the better your chances are of finding the item you want.

Shop at outlet stores. They sell discontinued, returned and limited quantity merchandise to the public. Use the manufacturer's website to locate an outlet store. At the store, you can search the inventory and ask the sales clerks if they could call the manufacturer to find out if and when the specific item you want will show up.

Browse through consignment shops. Many consignment shops attract specific brands of higher quality clothing while a thrift shop usually takes in whatever donations they are given. Browse the inventory or call ahead of time to see if they have a specific item in stock. Leave your contact information and a description of the specific item you are looking for and ask that they give you a call when it comes in stock.

Search through thrift stores. If the item you are looking for was incredibly popular, it increases your chances that you will find it at the thrift store. You may have to check a few times, but you could come across it. Call the thrift store and ask when they put out their new inventory so you can stop by periodically.