Elegant shoes died green

You need custom died shoes for a special event like a prom, a wedding or if you just have a hard to match outfit that you love. This piece will show you how to find a place that will dye your shoes, no matter where you live. I'll even show you how to compare to get the best price and get a rush order if you need it.

Find the store before you purchase your shoes. Many stores will only dye a shoe that is from their stock. If you have already purchased a dyeable shoe, you will want to return to the store you got it from. They may have a dyeing service on site or can make a recommendation for a reputable local dyer they partner with.

Open up the phone book or an on-line business directory and look for shoe stores. Some ads will specifically list a message, such as "Dyeable shoes for weddings and special events" or "Shoe dyeing available", if they provide this service. If you have a local Payless shoe store in the area, you need look no further. All Payless stores dye shoes. If you have a store that provides shoe dyeing, then you are finished.

If none of the ads state that the store will dye shoes, then you will have to call a few of the locations. Ask then directly if they can dye shoes for special occasions. You may find that stores who did not advertise the service may still be able to dye shoes for you. If they do not, then you will want to ask them if they can refer you to a store that does dye shoes.

Call any stores you were referred to and ask them if they sell and dye shoes. If for some reason they do not and the other store gave you misinformation, then should also ask this store to refer you to someone who they are sure dyes shoes. If no shoe stores in the area will dye shoes, go to the phone directory again and begin calling bridal stores. Many offer shoe-dyeing service or can refer you to a dyer.

Once you have a list of stores that will dye, call back and price their services, ask about the styles of shoe available (heel height, open or closed toe, and strap or traditional pumps) to ensure that the store has what you are looking for at a price you are willing to pay. If a store does not have the type of shoe you need, then you will have saved yourself time by finding that out. These calls will also allow you to compare prices.

If you still cannot find a shop that dyes shoes, you can search phrases like "Shoe Dyeing" or "Dyeable Shoes" in your favorite search engine and find an online retailer that will sell and dye shoes for you. Be sure to use a reputable retailer.


  • Order well in advance. Dyeing can take up to 14 days.