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Finding sales and discounts on higher-end fashions can be exciting, but practice caution when approaching these “sales." The Chanel label, a highly publicized company offering top-of-the-line fashions, can come with a hefty price tag. Any Chanel shoe that sells for a dramatically lower price should be considered suspicious. Keep in mind that manufacturers of fake Chanel shoes are on the rise -- beware of questionable prices, or unexplained shoe markings or mislabeling. Ask for an authenticity card if you feel that a Chanel shoe, or any other Chanel product, may be a fraud.

Purchase Chanel shoes at a Chanel store to ensure their authenticity. Chanel shoes are labeled high-end fashion. Any other location that sells Chanel shoes at discounted prices are subject to jurisdiction, and may not be authentic Chanel shoes. Chanel prohibits discounts as well as the distribution of overstocked or damaged shoes.

Know that genuine Chanel shoes are made out of calfskin, and in some cases, 100 percent lambskin. If the label suggests anything other than Chanel's material, then the shoe may be fake.

Real Chanel shoes have the name labeled. Never trust a shoe that misspells Chanel, or does not label the name at all.

Check the manufacturer’s label of origin. Authentic Chanel shoes are made in Italy, and in some instances, France. Be aware of generic or fake shoes that list another location. Also, take note if the shoe appears to have been suspiciously labeled by way of false stitching.

Examine the shoe in its entirety. Any shoe that appears to have glue marks, scratch-outs or unexplained stitching should be seen as suspicious.

Whenever you feel apprehensive about the authenticity of a Chanel shoe, or any Chanel label, ask the salesperson for an authenticity card. The authenticity card will have a serial number from the manufacturer. Do not buy from a boutique, fashion store or independent seller that cannot give you an authenticity card.