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Most women want to look as good as they can, but doing so often requires the use of beauty products such as eye shadow, lipstick, hair gel and mascara that, used daily, can eat into one's budget. Fortunately there are ways to save money on such supplies. Purchasing items wholesale can allow you to buy exactly what you need and still look wonderful.

Obtain a wholesale license. In order to purchase discounted products, many retailers require you to demonstrate that you are involved in the beauty business directly. A wholesale license is not difficult to get. You will need a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. The tax identification number allows you to keep your business expenses separate from your other expenses. If your personal beauty care program results in frequent purchasing of beauty products, getting a wholesale license can save money. You can buy beauty products from wholesale vendors at a discount once you give them your wholesale tax number.

Purchase from a wholesale warehouse that stocks huge supplies of beauty products. Certain wholesalers will let you buy from them only if you have a wholesale license. Some allow those without a license to shop. Still others offer the option of shopping after purchasing a membership. To learn what your options are, contact the store before going. Look closely at your own stock of beauty products first and take along samples and a list of your favorites. Warehouse stores can often match with reduced prices or comparable products that cost less.

Purchase products from a licensed supplier. Licensed suppliers are people who work in the beauty industry. This may include someone who owns a beauty salon or someone who has a haircutting license. Very often they can sell you high end products at big discounts. A supplier may offer you nearly wholesale savings if you agree to buy in bulk or if you go there often.

Become a retailer yourself. As a retailer you will often have access to beauty products at a discount. You will sometimes not need to show high monthly sales to become eligible for discounts. If you sell Avon part-time or have a hairdressing license, you may be able to buy beauty products wholesale on your own.