Patent leather shoes are in women’s closets from coast-to-coast. They have seemingly become the go-to shoe for everyday wear as well as more formal affairs. Yet in spite of the current patent leather shoe craze, you have to wonder if there’s ever a time to forgo patent leather for another shoe fabric or if patent leather is truly an anytime, year-around shoe.

Patent Leather for Winter and Summer and the Seasons in Between

Nowadays, women wear patent leather boots, pumps, flats, and even sandals. It seems that patent leather is everywhere. With so many designers offering consumers an array of styles, patent leather is no longer just a durable shoe worn in cold weather, but a fabric that easily takes women from season to season.

Patents for Everyday Wear

Once considered special occasion shoes, patent leather is worn by everyday women everywhere. Women wear patent leather flats to the grocery store. Patent leather peep toe stilettos allow women to go from the office to happy hour with a simple change of shoes. Patent leather provides just the right amount of shine and sophistication to perk up a dull suit or jazz up a pair of slacks for an evening out on the town. Patent leather is no longer just the kind of shoes to wear with your Easter dress.


Patent leather shoes add shine and glamour. But there can be such a thing as too much glamour. Women who wear patent leather shoes with fancy ball gowns or other evening attire fall into the too much glamour category. The shoe’s well-known shine takes away the beauty of the gown. If you’re unwilling to give up patent leather completely, try a patent leather, strappy sandal. A sandal provides the right amount of sophistication without shine-overkill. Men, however, have the green light when it comes to wearing patent leather with a tuxedo.


While black patent leather is the most versatile color, stylists with Style Phyle recommend trying out other colors. For example, green, yellow, and even pink patent leather shoes add not just shine, but color that brightens and lightens an otherwise dull outfit.

Patent Leather and Other Fabrics

You’ve heard the old adage: less is more. Well, the phrase holds true for fashion as well as life. Patent leather is a great accompaniment to other fabrics, such as suede and leather. So, don’t be afraid to branch out. A little bit of patent leather goes a long way in the world of fashion.