How to Fix Scuffed Metallic Shoes

By Amy Davidson

Metal isn't just for jewelry, and one way to utilize the look of metal is in your footwear. Whether you have some silver flats or flashy gold stilettos, metallic shoes can lend some glamor to any outfit. After some wear, however, the metallic finish can become scuffed, leaving your shoes looking raggedy and dingy. Thankfully, you can easily touch up your metallic shoes to help banish the scuff marks and get them shining once more.

Keep your shoes glamorous with nail polish.

Step 1

Take or wear your metallic shoes to your local beauty supply store. Look for metallic nail polish colors in the nail section and select one that matches your shoes. Test out colors painting a small sample on a note card, and use the swatch to find the perfect match.

Step 2

Clean the scuffed area of your shoes to ensure you remove as much dirt as possible. Dip a toothbrush in some white vinegar and gently scrub over the area. White vinegar is a great natural cleaner that is safe to use on most materials including leather and suede.

Step 3

Paint over the scuffed area of your shoes with the nail polish you selected. Allow the first layer to dry, then paint on a second layer and let it dry. Paint on a clear top coat polish over the nail polish to seal it on.