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The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer can make oiling pans and adding olive oil to foods a snap. The sprayer allows you to add as little, or as much, oil as you wish while you are cooking, thanks to its spray nozzle that applies only small amounts at a time to your food and surfaces. Putting together, and using, the sprayer ensures your cooking creations will have just the right amount of olive oil added.

Separate the three parts of the Misto sprayer: A white spray nozzle with an attached clear plastic tube, an aluminum base with a plastic screw top covered by black plastic, and an aluminum top with a plastic tube sticking out.

Pour the olive oil into the aluminum base's opening. Fill it only halfway. Screw the white spray nozzle into the base's plastic top.

Insert the aluminum top's plastic tube on top of the spray nozzle head. Pump the top downwards to prime the olive oil, letting the aluminum top click against the black plastic after each pump. Remove the top after a few pumps.

Spray the olive oil onto your food or surface to test it out. Pump more with the aluminum top, if needed, to get a steadier spray stream.

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