British Cuppa

Think outside the pancake box when contemplating uses for your electric griddle, sometimes known as a flat top grill. An electric griddle consists of a flat, non-stick surface which heats to the temperature set by the user. Foods normally prepared in a frying pan are cooked directly on the griddle's surface without the need for additional cookware, but water requires a glass vessel to hold it without damaging the non-stick griddle surface. This method will take longer than heating in a metal pot on a stove top depending on your model of griddle and the type of glass used in your cooking pot construction.

Preheat the electric griddle to its highest setting.

Fill the glass pot no more than halfway with water.

Gently set the pot in the middle of the griddle without dragging it across the surface of the griddle.

Let the water heat to a boiling indicated by bubbles rising to the surface of the water rapidly and breaking.

Lift the pot straight up from the surface of the griddle to avoid scratching the surface.