Tea tree oil has a variety of medicinal applications. It's also used for antifungal and antiseptic cleaning. The spray made with this essential oil is free of harmful chemicals typically found in household cleaners at retail stores. Tea tree oils are extracted from melaleuca trees and typically sold as pure tea tree oil. There are several brands on the market that are sold in natural food stores.

Clean out a spray bottle with two drops of tea tree oil and a few ounces of water. Tighten the cap and shake the mixture around the inside of the bottle. Spray a few shots to clean out the sprayer.

Pour 2 tsp. tea tree oil into the spray bottle. Add 2 cups water. Tighten the sprayer cap on the bottle and shake to mix.

Spray on surfaces in need of antiseptic or antifungal cleaning. The tea tree oil and water mixture is safe for any wettable household surface. See tips for using tea tree oil spray from Green Living, Herbs Place and Tree Hugger (links provided in the Resources section).