By Kat Walcott

If the lid of a teapot is not placed at the right angle or is dirty when put back on the teapot, it may get stuck. While this may seem like a perplexing problem, there are techniques for loosening the lid that require only a couple household tools, and these maneuvers can be done in a matter of minutes. Teapots can be expensive, so attempt to loosen the lid yourself before replacing your teapot.

Remove a stuck teapot lid with water and oil.

Step 1

Spray a generous amount of oil around the lid of the teapot and let it sit for two minutes.

Step 2

Slowly twist the lid back and forth to remove it from the teapot. Proceed to the next step if you are still unable to remove the lid.

Step 3

Place the teapot in a large container and fill the container with hot water. Make sure that the container holds enough water so that the rim of the teapot's lid is submerged.

Step 4

Twist the lid of the teapot while it is still submerged to loosen and remove the lid.