How to Make Distilled Water in a Coffeepot

By David M. Murray, Jr.

Many people prefer to drink distilled water as opposed to tap water or even bottled water because they view it as a healthier alternative. Distilled water is water in its very purest form. When water is boiled, it turns into steam. At the same time, all of the heavy trace elements and minerals present in the water remain behind. Thus, if the steam created is then changed back into water by the process of condensing, you will have water without all of the elements and minerals. There are any number of kits on the market that you can purchase to produce distilled water. However, you can make a quantity with a few items you can easily find around the house.

You can distill your own pure water with household appliances.

Step 1

Put a large pot of water on the stove. Inside the pot, put a fire brick. Atop the brick, place your coffee pot.

Step 2

Place the rounded lid on top of your large pot of water on the stove. Turn the heat up on the stove and bring water in the pot to a boil. Lower heat, but continue steady boil.

Step 3

Place at least three trays of ice cubes on top of the rounded pot lid as soon as the water in the pot begins to boil.

Step 4

As the steam rises, it will hit the cold pot lid and condense. As this occurs, the steam turned back into water will roll off of the cold lid and fall down into the coffeepot below. What you end up with in the coffeepot is distilled water.