Medium Length Hairstyles for Black Women

By ShaQuanna K

Black women everywhere are wearing their hair at a medium length, thanks to inspiration from celebrities who have made new styles popular and inspired black women to keep their hair at a medium length. Traditional hairstyles are being extended to a medium length to give the style a more sleek look. Medium-length hairstyles provide the best of both short and long styles, giving you an in between satisfaction.

African American medium-length hair

Medium Curly Hairstyle

The medium curly hairstyle is a medium-length haircut with curls. These curls can be big or small depending on the way the hair is cut. Many medium-length hairstyles are styles that have grown from a short hairstyle.This hairstyle can have a curled bang and have the rest of the hair remain straight. Black women wear medium-length hairstyles for trendy fashions to keep up to date with today's fashion.

Medium Shag

A medium shag is popular hairstyle known to be worn by black women. This look is modern and sassy. The medium shag is a style that is cut in multiple layers to frame the face. Shags have come back into style but with a small twist: Modern medium shags are highlighted to provide the style with more depth.

Medium Curled-Out Bob

The medium curled-out bob consists of a bob curled outward from the face. Medium-length bobs have become one of the top hairstyles in the fashion world today. Curled bobs are new to the bob world but provide the wearer with options of curling the hair framing the face out or in toward the face. Curls may be worn throughout the hair for a twist on tradition.