Medium Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

By Christopher Carter

Black men tend to have naturally curly hair, which works to their advantage when wearing a medium-length hairstyle. The use of a texturizer and other moisturizers is not necessary for black men to achieve a chic, contemporary hairstyle. Keeping the hair clean and getting the right cut are the most important factors in a good, medium curly hairstyle.

credit: Images

Medium Afro

A medium-length, well-coiffed Afro is a vintage hairstyle with a modern twist that accentuates and complements the natural curls of a black man's hair. It can be well-tapered with a sharp lining or it can have a natural lining; in either case, it should not be more than 2 inches long. Celebrities like rocker Lenny Kravitz have popularized the well-coiffed Afro, which is the choice of many black men, from students to professionals.

Textured Styles

A textured hairstyle, like the Dark Caesar, is another medium-length option for black men. Achieving this look may require the use of conditioner, shampoo and other moisturizing products. A sharp lining accentuates your curly hair, giving you a very clean-cut appearance, so your textured style should be accompanied by a short taper on the sides and back of your hair. Maintaining this type of hairstyle requires frequent trips to the barbershop or salon.

Blowouts and Twists

A throwback to the 70s era, a short, natural blowout style accompanied by a natural lining allows you to display the natural curliness of your hair. This works particularly well if your hair has larger curls, however, if you prefer smaller curls, opt for a medium-length style with tight curly twists. Use gel to make sure the twists stay in place and look good. Curly twists are the hairstyle of choice for many contemporary black men like to experiment and take fashion chances.