Layered Haircut Styles for Women

By Demi Gandomkar

Layered hair is flattering on all women. No matter what face shape or length of hair you have, a few or many layers will add movement and sexiness to your look.

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Layers are basically unequal hair lengths cut into your hair strategically. While some women are able to carry off hair that is one length, for most women one length hair looks somewhat boring and limp. Adding a few layers will add fullness and create a polished look with minimal effort.


If you're not sure what type of layers you want, have a consultation with a stylist. Begin with angled layers in front that frame your face and ask for a few longer layers throughout your hair. For a sexy, choppy look, let your stylist know you want heavy layers all over and use a sculpting pomade to define layers.

You could choose to wear your hair stick straight or use a round brush for a sexy look that defines your cut. Either way, your layers will add a whole new polish to your look. For the straight method, wash and towel dry hair and apply a shine serum to the entire length of your hair. Blow out hair with a paddle brush and try not to add too much volume to hair while drying, so no flipping hair upside down for faster drying time. Once your hair is completely dry, section it off into one inch pieces and use a ceramic flat iron to iron hair straight out to create a sleek look. Use a bit of styling pomade, rubbing palms together and spreading over hair gently, paying special attention to define the ends of your hair.

For a fuller look, apply mousse to towel-dried hair and blow-dry until almost completely dry. Section off hair into 2-inch sections and roll with Velcro rollers. Make sure to roll away from the face. Beginning at the bottom, use a round brush, followed by your blow-dryer on high heat to blow out and roll ends under. Repeat until all sections are complete and you have a sexy, full look. Take a few drops of shine serum and spread through the bottom half of your hair.

Highlights and Lowlights

Layers allow you to have extreme versatility with highlights or lowlights. Depending on the type of layers you get and how many, you can create a whole new look. Try partial highlights on the top portion of your hair. This will define sexy layers and allow the darker shade below to show through, creating an appealing new dimension to hair.

If you choose to go for all over highlights, the movement and shine created by the highlights will be dazzling. For women with lighter hair, you can opt for lowlights and the darker colored sections will add a dramatic effect to your usual light look.