set of hot curlers

Dealing with frizzy hair is a frustrating dilemma for many women. The simplest hairstyle feels like an impossible job, and it can seem like your hair has a mind of its own. Whether you're meeting clients for work or going out on the town with friends, there are ways to smooth down your locks if you have the right tools. Using hot rollers can tame frizzy hair and give you the polished look you want.

Wash your hair, and add a heat-styling product to your hair to add a layer of heat protection before blow drying your hair or allowing it to air dry.

Section your hair into three main areas on your head: (1) top from bangs to the back of the crown; (2) sides from ear to ear; (3) all hair below the top of the ears

Hold up your hair from section 1, and spritz the roots with hairspray. Repeat with sections 2 and 3.

Place hot rollers on the base of your head and roll downward when rolling the sides of your hair. The largest rollers should be reserved for rolling hair toward the back of your head.

Spritz your head with hairspray after all your hair is rolled. Allow at least 10 minutes to set. Use a blow dryer to speed up the heating process, if desired.

Remove rollers when they have completely cooled. Shake out your hair, flipping it up and down.

Style your hair with your fingers, and finish the look with a spritz of hairspray.


  • Condition your hair with a hydrating conditioner or hot oil treatment every week if you intend to use hot rollers frequently. The deep conditioner will protect your hair from the heat of the hot rollers and blow dryer, and minimize hair damage.

  • Steam-heated hot rollers or ceramic-coated metal rollers are the best options for reducing frizz.

  • Using hot rollers is a safer way to tame frizzy hair than curling irons and chemical perms.

  • Select a medium-hold hair spray when rolling your hair instead of an ultra-hold spray. This will make it easier to shake hair out.