For hundreds of years 100 percent organic and pure camellia oil has been known to be beneficial to the hair and skin and is used to combat anti-aging. This camellia oil is also known as the Japanese stretch mark cure, which has been touted to diminish, remove and prevent stretch marks throughout eastern Asia for quite some time.

Camellia Oil for Stretch Marks and Skin

Camellia oil contains the vitamins A, B, C and E as well as polyphenol, which are naturally occurring nutrients that help guard against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, repair scarring and damage, and restore skin balance. Its composition is uniquely able to penetrate the skin, since it is made up of oleic acids as well as omega-3 fatty acids; these materials are already found naturally in your skin, but are lost with aging and skin damage. The natural formation of the oil is suited to complement and heal and it restores the skin's pH balance.

Where to purchase

Camellia oil can be purchased from most natural food stores and beauty supply stores. Used on the hair as well, the oil is used as a skin moisturizer to prevent the marks and signs of aging and stretching; it has also been used to remove scarring from acne and pre-existing stretch marks. Elasticity is restored to the stretched skin and the scarred tissue is moisturized and vitalized, while pores, fine lines and and pock marks are diminished. Results are seen when the minerals, lost during damage and age, are replaced within your body. See the resources section for more information on the chemical makeup and expected results from using camellia oil, from a wide variety of commercial retailers and their experts.


To apply, simply smooth over problem areas twice a day, morning and night. Use regularly to ensure that results are optimal and try to incorporate the oil into your regular skin regimen. Apply scar cream before the oil and be sure to allow it to dry completely if you are using other scar creams or moisturizers on your stretch marks. Moisturizers should be used after the oil has penetrated the skin.