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The retail product Bio Oil is available worldwide for the treatment of various skin woes, from acne and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and scars. The manufacturer advises that the product be used daily from one to three months. Some people may be concerned about the ingredients in Bio Oil. Each person has different degrees of sensitivity to chemicals. There is a hypoallergenic combination that can be used to treat problem skin that you can blend at home. It contains natural, organic ingredients that are generally safe for most individuals. This formula is designed to function as Bio Oil claims to, but without the synthetic additives that cause problems for those with sensitive skin. This method will make approximately eight ounces of oil.

Place exactly one ounce of each of the oils in the ingredients list into a non-metallic mixing bowl.

Stir the oils gently with a wooden spoon for one minute to combine them.

Place a funnel in the opening of an opened 8-ounce bottle.

Pour the oil blend into the funnel, allowing it to fill the bottle.

Take a vitamin E capsule and carefully puncture it with a sterile needle or pin. Squeeze the vitamin E oil into the contents of the bottle and discard the empty capsule. Repeat with the other vitamin capsules. Vitamin E will act not only to heal blemished skin, but also to naturally preserve the other oils.

Remove the funnel after all of the oils have drained into the bottle and seal the bottle tightly. Shake the bottle to combine all of the ingredients. Massage a few drops of the oil blend onto your skin once or twice a day to naturally improve texture, moisture, resiliency, tone and clarity and to heal blemishes. You should start to notice the first changes in less than one month.


Keep your freshly made skin care oil in a cool place away from sunlight. A cobalt blue or amber colored glass bottle would be ideal for storage because the color will act as a protective shield that prevents the oils from ultraviolet damage. The glass is superior storage to plastic because the latter is a petrochemical product and may contain impurities that will eventually leach into the oil blend.


The vitamin A in carrot oil slows the aging of skin cells, but causes the skin of some people to be more sensitive to sunlight. As a precaution, use a high SPF sunscreen when outdoors for extended periods to prevent sunburn.