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Japanese hairstyles for girls all have the same basic structure. They are composed of a lot of layers, volume on top that tapers toward the bottom with fringe or bangs. The more modern Japanese girls' hairstyles come in virtually any length, but traditionally they are long and straight. Another major part of the Japanese hairstyles are buns. There are several different sub-genres to Japanese popular culture, and the basic hairstyle techniques are influenced by them. Japan is very fashion-forward so there are many different styles to choose from.

J Rock

The J Rock, or "Japanese Rock" hairstyles are what to go for if you like the more extreme looks. If you want this style, be prepared to use a lot of hair product to shape spikes and definition into your hair. You will need to get yout layers cut with a razor to give a jagged look. Add some uneven side-swept bangs to characterize the signature J Rock look. This style is always pin-straight.

Straight Fringe

Fringe is just another word for bangs, or the hair that is cut to fall along your forehead or in front of your face. Get the straight-across bangs to achieve an instant Japanese fashion inspired look. Blunt bangs go with virtually any hairstyle to compliment it except the J Rock style, which calls for the side-swept, uneven bangs. If you want blunt bangs, they are worked into any cut and any length that you already have.


Japanese style up-dos have bangs that are left hanging to frame the face. The face can also be framed by any locks of hair that can be curly or straight. For a very tradtional Japanese girls' up-do, you can do a bun. You can do the regular single bun on the top of the head or two buns--one one each side--for a more playful look. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and leave your face-framing fringe down. Whatever kind of up do you are attempting, you will want to make sure it is high on your head so your hair looks perky.

Long And Layered

The long and layered look in Japanese girls' hairstyles is very versatile, and there are many variations of it. When going for a more common and popular look, get subtle layers that are thinned a bit at the ends and curled to give them more bounce. Get some kind of bangs cut in front of your face, either the blunt bangs or the side-swept kind, as shown in the picture. Straighten the same style with a flat iron for a more edgy look.

Pixies And Bobs

Add shaggy asymmetrical layers to your pixie or bob haircut to get a Japanese version of this look. Don't be afraid to get a little more bold with your bob if you want a Japanese-style cut and add a few pieces in the front that are quite a bit longer than the rest of it. Short haircuts aren't just for boys any more--so if you want a Japanese girl's hairstyle that is stylish yet low-maintenance, get the shaggy pixie hairstyle shown in the picture.

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