Instructions for Wiring a Tanning Bed

By Krista Raye

Over the last decade, the use of tanning beds to have that fresh off-the-beach look has increased dramatically. Many people have trouble finding time in their busy schedules to make it to their local tanning salon. Instead, they opt to purchase a tanning bed for their home. While this is a far more convenient way to tan, it does mean you as an individual are responsible for having the adequate power and wiring to run the bed.

Getting your tanning bed up and running with the proper wiring.

Step 1

Check the tanning bed owner's manual to determine the voltage it requires. The usual voltage range is between 120 and 220.

Step 2

Decide if your home possesses an electrical outlet necessary for running a tanning bed. For example, if the tanning bed runs on 120 volts, then it will most likely work in an average outlet. If you own a larger tanning bed, it will need 220 volts to work properly, and you should contact an electrician to have an outlet installed.

Step 3

Designate an entire outlet solely for your tanning bed, and do not plug anything else in it. If you overload the outlet, then you may throw a circuit breaker.

Step 4

Install a buck-booster to your tanning bed. This will lower or raise the voltage in the tanning bed. Buck-boosters can be purchased from the company you bought the tanning bed from.