Solarium tanning bed

Tanning in a sunbed can help you get an even tan without any tan lines. However, sunbed tanning can leave you with white spots in pressure areas or with lines in unusual places that usually would not appear when tanning outdoors. In order to get a good sunbed tan, you need to keep in mind that you are not tanning outdoors and adjust your process accordingly.

Sunscreen your face. Your facial skin is more sensitive than other areas and will flush and get red or darker than the rest of your body. To keep your face tanning evenly, it needs protection rather than bronzer or other tanning supplements. Be sure to wipe your hands off thoroughly once you are done with the sunscreen.

Apply the bronzer. Do so in a methodical manner to make sure that you do not miss any spots. Squeeze some bronzer into your non-dominant hand, then work your way up your legs to your chest, back and shoulders. Once you have covered everything but your arms (and face), split the remaining bronzing lotion between your two hands and lotion your arms.

Wipe your hands thoroughly. Your knuckles and palms will get extremely dark if you do not get the excess bronzer off.

Place the eye cups over your eyes. This is important because they both protect your eyes and because the area around your eyes burns very easily and needs extra protection. The skin in this area will get tough and leathery, creating a permanently uneven look, if you do not protect it.

Relax in the bed. Tanning beds can leave you with white marks where your body presses hard into the bed. You need to relax so that you are not placing heavy pressure on any one point of your body. Your tailbone and shoulderblades are particularly susceptible to this, so you need to consciously remove pressure from them.

Turn over when you only have 5 minutes of tanning left. This will diminish pressure spots and help you avoid creases that might otherwise appear as white.

Moisturize your skin when you get out of the bed. Use plenty of lotion to protect your skin. This will reduce your chances of developing redness and flushing as well as keep your skin looking bright and toned.