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Like clothing styles, hairstyles come and go with fads as time progresses. One hairstyle that was popular in the 1970s and that has seen a number of resurgences since is the wedge haircut. Made popular by Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill when she competed in 1976, this hairstyle cuts the hair into a short bob-like cut that curves inward and back, complementing a rounded face. This cut works well with all but the curliest and thickest hairs.

Section the person's hair, so most of the hair is gathered at the top of her head. Leave a perimeter of hair hanging from the bottom 1/2 inch at the back of the neck. Leave the bangs out of the clip as well.

Cut or shape the bangs in whatever way the person wants. Bangs can drop straight down or can angle back toward the rest of the hair. If the person has very long bangs and does not want them to be short, section the bangs with the rest of the hair.

Cut the perimeter hair left at the back of the neck to the desired length. This length will vary depending on the person and can range from just above the shoulders to near the ears. As long as the hair is no longer than the shoulders, you can create a wedge.

Release the rest of the hair and cut it all to the desired length you used in the perimeter. Part the newly cut hair down the center, establishing a strong weight line across the top of the head.

Beginning at the center back of the head, comb the hair out toward you until it is at a 90-degree angle with the weight line. This section of hair should be parallel to the ground.

Cut at a descending angle from the tip of the weight line down the perimeter, so you essentially make a diagonal line with the hair. This will leave the hair on top longer than the hair at the base of the head near the perimeter, which gives the wedge its distinctive look.

Repeat the angled cut all the way around the head until the entire head of hair is cut in the wedge shape. Drop all of the hair and even out any areas that may be longer than the rest of the hair.


Trained hairstylists are best equipped to cut a wedge haircut.

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