Ideas for Selling Mary Kay Products

By Ruth O'Neil

Mary Kay is a large cosmetics company. Individuals work independently for the company, hosting parties and selling the products. Coming up with entertaining ideas for selling the products and encouraging people to attend parties is sometimes the hardest part of selling the make-up line. Brainstorm some great ideas and watch the people attend the parties, place orders and earn your pink Cadillac.

Alphabet Parties

Plan themes for your parties using the alphabet as a guide. Go through the alphabet using each letter and come up with an idea for a theme for your Mary Kay party. For example, use the letter “A” to follow an American theme. Decorate your tables with red, white and blue cloths and balloons. Wear clothing that celebrates the red, white and blue of the United States. This would work particularly well around the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. You could also give example of Americans that use Mary Kay products and find attractive pictures to show the party guests.

Use the letter “I” to have an ice cream party. Center all your games, snacks and decorations on ice cream.


Include the guys in your Mary Kay parties, especially around Father’s Day. Plan a party with an all-guy theme or with a couples theme. Send postcards that target men and give them examples of some of the Mary Kay products geared specifically toward them. Make sure to have samples available for the men to try or smell. Plan snacks that are a little hardier than the traditional appetizers so that they appeal to the men.


Choose a willing guest at the party to do a makeover with. You may want to check with her ahead of time or use your skills to choose one at the beginning of the party. Choose a guest that Mary Kay cosmetics would really help and be obvious to everyone in attendance. Give her a full make-up makeover to help sell the products and what they can do for anyone who wears them.

You could also advertise the makeover as part of the invitation to come. Women can enter their names into a drawing. At the beginning of the party, randomly choose a name from the entries, give her a makeover and maybe also give away an item or two to the winner, that will encourage her to buy something else to go along with it.