By Lindsay Pietroluongo

Some people feel a lighter skin tone is more attractive. Others simply want to clear up any problem areas on their skin. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches skin with a dark pigment in order to even out skin tone. It also kills any bacteria on your skin due to the fact that it contains oxygen. If you want to change your skin tone, consider trying this easy at-home remedy for your skin's problematic spots.

Get rid of blemishes with hydrogen peroxide.


Hydrogen peroxide is used to lighten, whiten or fade skin. It can help to clear up discolorations, lighten age spots, reduce the appearance of blemishes and even out scars.


The hydrogen peroxide you can buy in a drugstore has a low concentration. The peroxide is typically at a concentration of 3 or 3.5 percent. Luckily, this small percentage is relatively safe to use on skin, making the risks associated with skin fading low. Be forewarned, though, some hydrogen peroxide used in professional kitchens is 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is highly dangerous. If you use this kind of hydrogen peroxide, you'll need to dilute it with distilled water while wearing protecting clothing and goggles.


If you want to apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to your skin, wet a cotton ball with it. Then, apply the wet cotton ball to the area of your skin you want to lighten. You can do this a few times every day until your skin has achieved the desired color. Apply hydrogen peroxide to dry skin. After application, wipe face with a wet washcloth and slather on thick, unscented moisturizer without dyes.


Only apply hydrogen peroxide to a small part of your body. If you want a larger, allover effect, consult a professional. Also, sensitive skin may respond negatively to hydrogen peroxide. If you have sensitive skin or experience a negative reaction, consult a doctor. Don't let hydrogen peroxide sit on your skin for too long; it can burn your skin if left on for several minutes.