How to Work a Catsuit

By Laura Jerpi

A catsuit is a sexy name for a unitard. Many women steer clear of wearing these tight-fitting outfits, as they are very revealing and leave little to the imagination. Catsuits can be very sexy and fashion forward if worn properly. A woman with a healthy amount of self-confidence can really work it in a catsuit, as many men find these outfits to be very attractive. Catsuits come in many different sizes and colors, so make sure to find the right one before purchasing.

A catsuit is form fitting, so it can be a good idea to accessorize it.

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Step 1

Buy your catsuit in the right size. These outfits are supposed to be tight, but there is a difference between sexy tight and just too tight. You should be able to move in the catsuit without looking like you stuffed yourself into it.

Step 2

Take measures to ensure that you're wearing the proper undergarments. You don't want to have a visible panty line, so test the underwear you're going to wear with the catsuit ahead of time. If you're not planning to wear underwear, also test this out to make sure it looks alright.

Step 3

Pair the catsuit with proper shoes in to top off your look. Wear high heels or high-heeled boots to show off your legs.

Step 4

Accessorize your cat suit according to the place that you're wearing it to. Add a belt around the hips when wearing it to the club, or put a short skirt and a jacket over it to wear on a dinner date.