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Kanekalon is a type of synthetic hair extensions made of monoacrylic fiber. Because the hair is synthetic, it is not safe to use heated styling tools because the hair can melt. Instead, the hair can be curled by wet setting in boiling hot water.

Place the plastic curlers or rod curlers throughout your hair in the areas that you would like curled. Use large rollers for loose curls and small curlers for tight curls. Do not wrap the curls any closer than 3 to 4 inches from your scalp.

Dip three to four rollers into boiling hot water. After fully submersing them, remove the rollers from the water and soak up any water dripping from the hair with your towel.

Repeat step 2 until you have submerged all of the rollers in the boiling hot water. Allow the hair to cool and dry and then remove the rollers. The hair will remain curled for weeks and will last even through shampoos.

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