Whoever said that men's jeans are made for men only never slipped a pair of Levi's over feminine hips. While these jeans look hot on men, their versatile cut can show off your feminine curves and daring fashion sense if you know how to pick the right pair.

Shop the men's jeans rack at your local second-hand store, as worn-out, well washed men's Levi's tend to suit feminine figures better than stiff, dark new jeans. If you do buy new men's Levi's, look for stone washed, faded styles.

Select slim cut or classic Levi's styles, such as 501s or low-cut jeans. Baggy styles will make your hips look square instead of flaunting your gorgeous curves. Also, purchase jeans that fit perfectly in the length, as cutting and hemming the bottoms not only looks funny, but it can also change the cut of the jeans and the overall look on your body.

Accentuate your curves by wearing a pair of men's boot-cut Levi's. Most styles of Levi's are available in boot cut, meaning they flare slightly at the bottom. While the optical illusion is subtle, a slight widening in the material at your feet is more flattering to create an even more feminine look.

Take advantage of the naturally lower cut waists of men's jeans by wearing halter tops, belly shirts or fitted tanks. If you have a firm belly, a belly ring or a perfectly even tan, a pair of men's Levi's will help you show it off in style.

Make your new men's Levi's a bit more feminine by wearing a fashionable belt or even looping a pretty scarf through the belt loops and tying at your side.