Womens thong underwear on white background

Millions of women wear thongs everyday, but millions more are hesitant to try this little piece of underwear. They’ve heard stories about how uncomfortable thongs are, worried about what it would feel like, or thought they couldn’t find one in their size. Once you buy one, though, you’ll discover how comfortable thongs truly are. The only thing you need to do is learn how to wear one properly.

Buy a thong that’s the right size for your body. Plus-size women can shop online for a thong in their size or visit a local plus-size clothing store. Using the right size will make the experience more comfortable.

Look for stretchy, elastic thongs that have minimal decoration, if this is your first experience. Decorations such as ribbon or lace can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to wearing this type of underwear.

Examine the fabric to locate the leg holes, back and tag (if there is one), so you can figure out how the thong will go on your body. Since the waist and leg holes all tend to look similar, it's easy to put thongs on backward or even sideways if you're not paying attention.

Place the thong in front of you with the back against your stomach. Put one leg through, then the other. Pull the thong up into place.

Adjust the back of the underwear until the thin string runs between your butt cheeks. Tug on the front until you find a comfortable fit.