How to Fit a Thong. Getting the right size is essential when buying a thong, since the scandalously small amount of fabric used to make one generally means they don't quite fit the same as a normal pair of underwear. If you're new to the sexy world of thongs, you should get the advice of a knowledgeable salesperson and try a few different sizes out before you decide which is the right one to buy. Read on to learn more.

Assume that the thong that will fit you right will generally be the same size as the standard underwear you wear. Underwear usually comes in generalized sizes (small, medium, large) and thongs are no different. However, some wearers report that the thong that fits most comfortably is a size larger than their normal underwear.

Expect that different fabrics will each fit slightly differently. Synthetic fabrics such as lycra generally stretch more than natural fabrics like cotton.

Allow for the extra bulk that comes with the try-on policies in most intimate apparel stores. Most often, you will only be allowed to try on a thong over your regular underwear. If you plan ahead, you can wear a pair of snug panties to minimize the difference.

Err on the side of caution if you're in doubt, and buy a pair that's a little larger rather than a little smaller. Because there isn't much material to a thong, you won't have to worry about loose hanging fabric over the buttocks if you buy one that's slightly bigger than normal.

Try on several different thong styles in a couple different sizes. Good old-fashioned trial and error is the best way to find the thong that fits you best. Don't be afraid to ask a salesperson for advice or assistance if you're unsure as to what size is right for you.

Anticipate that you'll have to spend some time getting used to the feel of your thong, particularly if you've never worn one before. They not only look but also fit and feel differently than more traditional panties, and some women say they take some getting used to before they feel comfortable.


While a wide variety of thongs are available from online retailers, it's advised that you buy your first thong from a store where you can try it on before you commit. Try buying online once you're certain you know what size is right for you--returns and exchanges are generally not permitted on undergarments.