How to Avoid Thong Wedgies. When it comes to a thong, less fabric means less chance of getting wedgies, right? Well, the jury is out--but there are some practical steps you can take to avoid thong wedgies while enjoying the comfort and freedom afforded by thong style underwear. Read on to learn more.

Size your thong correctly before you buy it. People often report that thongs fit differently than regular underwear, and usually need to be a size or so larger than underwear that would normally fit. If you buy a thong that's too small, it will be harder for you to avoid thong wedgies.

Try out a range of different materials. Since cotton has less elasticity than many synthetic fabrics, it's more likely to ride up unless you nail your size bang-on. However, the disadvantage of synthetic fibers is that they're generally less breathable than natural fibers like silk and cotton, and can become a little sticky on a hot day.

Get comfortable with a range of different thong cuts--there are many variations on the thong, and while some people find thongs with more material on the buttocks are less likely to ride up, others report exactly the opposite. Trial and error will be your best teacher, though most people will tell you that thongs with thinner strips of material covering the buttocks tend to ride up less than thicker strips.

Ask for advice from an experienced salesperson at an intimate apparel store if you've been having problems with thong wedgies. If you're a little shy about blurting out your questions to a real person, head home and place a discreet phone call to the store.

Allow for some time to adjust to the way a thong feels. When first wearing a thong, many men and women report the sensation of a wedgie, which actually abates once you get used to how a thong is shaped. After a while, it should start to feel like you aren't even actually wearing underwear at all.


G-string, v-string and micro thongs are usually cited as the most comfortable thong styles and the best choices if you're looking to avoid getting thong wedgies.


If you wear thong underwear exclusively, you may be at increased risk of developing a yeast infection. It's best to wear a thong only when you're looking to avoid panty lines or tan lines while you're catching some rays.