It is not uncommon to go shopping for shoes only to open the tag and see 38 Euro or the like. This is because the United States imports some shoes from Europe, and the Euro number is the European measurement for a shoe size. A 38 Euro happens to equal a 7 ½ U.S. shoe size for a woman. Before you go shopping, it might be helpful for you to understand how to convert European shoe sizes to U.S. shoe sizes.

Take the European measurement and subtract 30 from it to get the women’s U.S. shoe size. So if your shoe says 35 Euro, you can subtract 30 to discover that the shoe is a woman’s size 5. A shoe size of 36.5 Euro would be a woman’s U.S. 6 ½.

Take the European measurement and subtract 31 ½ from it to get the men’s U.S. shoe measurement. So if you find a shoe that says 43 Euro, you can calculate it to equal an 11 ½ in U.S. men’s.

Convert infant shoes by subtracting 15 from the Euro measurement. A baby size 1 in the United States equals a 16 in Europe (16 — 15 = 1).

Subtract 16 from a Euro measurement to find a toddler’s U.S. shoe size. A Euro size 22 would equal a U.S. size 6 (22 — 16 = 6).

Take a look at the tag on an older child’s shoes. If the tag says 36 Euro, then you will need a size 4 in the United States. That means for older children, you must subtract 32 from the Euro shoe size to get the U.S. shoe size.


  • If you forget the conversion when you go to the store, you can always try the shoes on until you find a pair that fits you comfortably.