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Body tape, also known as "Hollywood Fashion Tape," has a multitude of purposes in the world of fashion. You can use this double-sided tape to secure a plunging neckline, hold your bikini bottoms in place or help a strapless dress stay up. It may seem a bit odd to use tape to hold your clothing on, but it is actually quite a practical solution to keeping your clothing where it belongs. Special body tape is available at costume stores, wig shops, drugstores, fabric stores and lingerie boutiques.

Clean your skin thoroughly. Tape won't stick well to oily or dirty skin.

Put on the garment in question, stand in a natural pose and note how the clothing falls on your body. Move around a bit; for example, walk and lift your arms to see how this will affect the position of the clothing. This will help you judge where the best placement is for the tape.

Remove the backing on one side of the body tape. Stick it to the inside of the garment first, then remove the backing on the other side. Move the garment back to the proper position and press it into place.


Toupee tape also works if you can't find body tape.


Don't move too quickly or make grand gestures, since this may cause the garment to move and detach from the tape.