How to Waterproof Microfiber Boots

By David Lipscomb

Microfiber is a synthetic, breathable material that resembles suede. The material is normally a blend of polyester and a polyamide such as nylon, simultaneously tough yet soft to the touch. Although it's inherently more water-resistant than suede, left untreated, microfiber can show stains and water spots. Simple preventative measures help keep your microfiber boots looking their best, while potentially increasing their life.

Knee-high leather boot
credit: Images
Microfiber boots require treatment to keep them waterproof.

Step 1

Gently clean the boots with a mildly damp and clean cloth, removing existing waterspots and mild stains.

Step 2

Brush the surface of the boots using a suede brush. This raises the nap of the material, preparing it for the waterproofing spray while evening the appearance of the surface.

Step 3

Hold the spray canister approximately 8 to 10 inches from the surface of the boot. Spray a light coat of the silicone-based waterproofing spray over the entire surface of the boot, using a sweeping motion. Repeat with the other boot.

Step 4

Read the directions on the spray canister to determine the duration between coats. Apply a second coat, letting it dry thoroughly prior to wearing the boots again.