Knee-high leather boot Images

Microfiber is a synthetic, breathable material that resembles suede. The material is normally a blend of polyester and a polyamide such as nylon, simultaneously tough yet soft to the touch. Although it's inherently more water-resistant than suede, left untreated, microfiber can show stains and water spots. Simple preventative measures help keep your microfiber boots looking their best, while potentially increasing their life.

Gently clean the boots with a mildly damp and clean cloth, removing existing waterspots and mild stains.

Brush the surface of the boots using a suede brush. This raises the nap of the material, preparing it for the waterproofing spray while evening the appearance of the surface.

Hold the spray canister approximately 8 to 10 inches from the surface of the boot. Spray a light coat of the silicone-based waterproofing spray over the entire surface of the boot, using a sweeping motion. Repeat with the other boot.

Read the directions on the spray canister to determine the duration between coats. Apply a second coat, letting it dry thoroughly prior to wearing the boots again.


Never attempt to accelerate the drying process using a hair dryer or heat gun. The surface may melt, and the spray may contain flammable propellant residue.

Do not oversaturate the microfiber material. In addition to excessive silicone build-up -- resulting in a tacky feel -- too much spray may discolor the boots.