Brown suede jacket

Suede jackets add flair to your wardrobe and compliment numerous outfit combinations throughout each season. Suede is less resilient than standard leather because it only includes the delicate inner-layer of animal skin. Suede is more susceptible to moisture and light damage without the durable layer of exterior skin. Keep your style opportunities high by protecting this versatile accessory from penetration damage and matting. Learning to care for your suede jacket can extend its life and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Store the jacket in a cool, dry environment when not in use. Choose a location free from humidity and airflow vents to protect the integrity of the suede jacket. Let the jacket “breathe” and allow it to hang freely without a plastic bag. This prevents mildew and moisture buildup. Avoid storing the jacket near light sources including lamplight and direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Brush the jacket regularly to prevent matting and spotting. Choose a brush with soft, short bristles to avoid damaging the suede. Brush along with the grain of the material to avoid ripping fibers away from the jacket lining. Brush the suede jacket following usage to remove debris and maintain integrity of the pile.

Protect the jacket from rain and snow. Check the weather forecast before adding a suede jacket to your ensemble. Although getting caught in rain or snow sprinkles may not cause significant damage your suede jacket, getting caught in heavy showers can cause irreversible damage. Prepare for unexpected weather changes and carry an umbrella or poncho to help shield your suede jacket.

Spray the jacket with a protective coating specially designed for suede. Use even light sprays to adequately cover the jacket without saturating the material. Test the spray on the underside of the collar or sleeve to ensure it won’t discolor the jacket. Let the spray dry completely before wearing the jacket or being around open flames.

Guard against grease and chemical stains. Refrain from applying aerosol products while wearing the suede jacket. Avoid “perfume clouds” when shopping as these chemicals could cause damage to your suede jacket. Wash your hands after handling greasy materials such as food and hair products, prior to touching the jacket.