close up of faux fur

Buying faux fur clothing can be much less expensive than buying authentic fur clothing. It's also a popular way to enjoy beautiful animal prints without disrupting your own beliefs or offending animal rights groups and vegetarians. Faux fur that's properly cared for can still capture attention and show off your fashion sense. Learning to care for your faux fur can extend its life and save you money.

Protect the faux fur from rain and snow. Faux fur material isn't designed to be worn in wet conditions, so making alternate selections during wet weather is important. Water can destroy the lining and damage the synthetic fibers. If you must wear your faux fur in the rain, use an umbrella to keep it dry. Always bring an umbrella or light jacket along when rain or snow is a possibility.

Brush the faux fur properly. Use a soft-bristled clothing brush to remove debris and smooth the fabric. Hard-bristled brushes can damage both the lining and fabric of the faux fur. Brush along with the grain of the material to prevent bunching and fiber removal. Smooth your hand along the material to ensure the natural pattern isn't disturbed. Complete this process at least once weekly to maintain fabric sheen and prevent buildup of debris.

Use an approved cleaning solution. Purchasing solutions specially designed to clean faux fur reduces the possibility of fabric damage. For example, matting and staining can occur from using regular shampoos and detergents. Read the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations when making your selection. Avoid immersing the faux fur in water during cleaning as water can permeate the lining and ruin the fabric's luster and fullness.

Store the faux fur in a dry place. This helps keep the lining from sweating and the fibers from becoming frizzy. Choose a place that isn't exposed to excessive heat or light to prevent matting and discoloration. Ensure the faux fur isn't smothered against other garments to prevent unnatural flattening its fibers. Consider storing the faux fur in a garment bag to protect it against temperature changes. This is especially true in humid climates.

Get periodic professional cleanings. Taking your faux fur for a full cleaning every season can keep it looking its best. Increase the frequency of professional cleanings with increased wear or exposure to adverse conditions.


  • Shaking the faux fur out can remove excess dirt and debris without damaging the fibers.