How to Wash Sandals

By Viktoria Carrella

You know when you get out the sandals that summer time is here. Warm sandy beaches, graveled garden paths and asphalt walkways can play havoc on your sandals; they tend to need a spring cleaning before you start the summer. Sandals get dirty and smelly with age, just like sneakers. Cleaning your sandals helps them retain their look and helps them last longer.

Step 1

Brush off the excess dirt that may be stuck to the surface of your shoes with a toothbrush. Some people will actually vacuum their shoes to remove all the dust and loose debris. Take extra care if they are studded with jewels or beading as this can dislodge the jewels and beading. Do not use an extra-stiff brush because it may mar the surface of the shoe.

Step 2

Mix a small amount of mild detergent, about 1 tbsp., with water in a bowl. Dip the toothbrush into the detergent water, and don't shake off the excess water. Gently scrub the scuff marks and remaining dirt from the surface of the shoes. If the shoes are not leather or suede, submerge them in water and allow them to soak. You may also use a slightly stronger detergent on plastic sandals. Use carpet or upholstery cleaner on sandals with cloth straps, not water and detergent. Scrub gingerly on the soles of the shoes as this is what keeps the tread free from debris.

Step 3

Dry the shoes with a towel and allow them to dry in a well-ventilated area. This ensures that odor will not set up in the shoes. Do not put them in the dryer or in the sun to dry as this may cause them to shrink, regardless of the material they are made of.