Shoe brush

Dansko, founded by a Danish man and an American woman, is known for its closed-back clog. Many styles of Dansko shoes, including the clogs, carry the American Podiatric Medical Association's Seal of Acceptance, which means the shoe promotes foot health. The founders of Dansko ensure that all the shoes they make are comfortable. Clean and care for your Dansko shoes, and they'll last a long time.

Determine the type of leather that your Danskos are made from. You can look on the box to find this information or find your type of Dansko online at Each type of leather needs to be treated differently. Click on the Dankso Cleaning Chart link under References to see how each type of leather can be cleaned.

Decide which cleaning method to use based on the type of cleaning your Dansko shoes need. Most Danskos can be touched up with a clean, damp cloth.

Consider purchasing one of the products listed underneath the cleaning chart, such as Dansko Leather Cream, which cleans and nourishes leather. Conditioning the leather will make the shoes easier to clean in the future and keep the leather looking like new. If you have suede or nubuck Dansko shoes, consider using the Nubuck and Suede Bar and Brush.

Use products regularly on your Dansko shoes to prevent your shoes from getting worn and dirty in the future. The Dansko Beeswax conditioner acts as a waterproofing agent. Protecting the leather from water and keeping the leather moisturized will improve the lifespan of the shoes and help keep them clean.