Genuine Leather vs. Lambskin

By Karenna Cochrane

Leather goods and furnishings feature many kinds of leather, including full leather goods, leather goods that are primarily leather but mixed with some synthetic materials or woven with dyes for cosmetic purposes, and imitation leather. Genuine leather is also known as full grain leather, while lambskin is also real leather but not as expensive as lambskin leather derived from sheepskin.

Ask for certificates of authenticity from retailers upon purchasing bona fide leather goods.

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Usage, Benefits and Issues of Genuine Leather

Full grain genuine leather is derived from premium raw material. This type of leather is also a top skin with no imperfections in the leather touch up. This is a popular type of leather for upholstery projects and DIY ventures in the home. You can treat this kind of leather for stain resistance. It also has the added benefit of that well-loved genuine leather smell.

Usage, Benefits and Issues with Lambskin

Lambskin is used in leather coats, skirts and other apparel items. This type of leather is soft and supple against the skin. Lambskin is expensive but less costly than full grain leather. Lambskin, however, is less durable than full grain leather but you can protect it with treatments that typically cost less than 10 dollars.

Color and Repurposing of Genuine Leather

You can find genuine leather in natural colors but it can be treated with dyes for a different take on a natural color. Furniture stores carry red, orange and white leather couches and stools as well as shades of blue, purple and even pink. Leather from leather furnishings can find new life as pillows, leather wall hangings and on smaller leather goods for the home.

Color and Repurposing of Lambskin

Lambskin comes in an assortment of colors considered natural (without dyes) and also in assorted manufactured shades in colors ranging from blue to pink to black and even shades of gold and bronze. Lambskin coats and pants are ideal for repurposing into wallets, clutches and purses.