How to Stop a Squeak From Fake Leather

While some people think of fake leather as a cheap alternative to luxurious, authentic leather, it does have advantages. Obviously, it's not made from animals, so those who are more creature-friendly might prefer to save a life or two. Faux-leather also comes in a wider variety of colors, sizes and shapes. It can be just as durable or supple as real rawhide or sheepskin. However, just like the real thing, faux leather can make squeaky noises.

Dab a nickel-sized amount of mink oil onto a lint-free cloth. Rub the oil into the synthetic leather, covering as much surface as possible. This conditioning should quell the typical sticky feeling of faux leather products that can exacerbate squeaky sounds.

Let the item sit or hang in fresh air away from direct sunlight for at least 12 hours to absorb the oil.

Purchase a foam shoeshine polish and sponge in a color that matches your faux leather. Run the sponge over the entire surface area of the item. This buffs the material, removing any stickiness or mink oil that wasn't absorbed.

Bye, squeaks!